Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Dragonball Movie: Shaping Up to be LAME

I love Dragonball. I remember reading this comic as a little kid, from tiny little books that were all in Korean. I could barely understand the writing, but I still loved every frame.

Then Dragonball came to American TV. Awesome. A little boring, given the fact that each episode had at least 10 minutes of closeups of various heros/villans grunting and struggling, as if they were trying to have a massive bowel movement. But still, I was a fan.

Then I hear about a new live-action Dragonball movie that's coming out. Aweso-- OH WAIT. Not so awesome. Guess who they decided to cast as the lead character, Goku, in this Japanese manga series, based on a Chinese folk novel, that was popularized all over Asia before coming to the US? Oh of course, they cast some guy named Justin Chatwin. Of course.

Disgrasian posted a great "alternative" movie poster for this film:

This movie is going to suck.


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the violent one said...

When the footage of our sketch "21: The movie" comes out you'll def. appreciate it. I know a lotta guys who were bummed and annoyed and @#$@#'d when a WHITE guy was the role of Goku. Don't worry... it'll go to DVD pretty quickly and won't sell very much because asians have a lot of buying power, but they won't be buying this shitty as piece of crap.