Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Dragonball Movie: Shaping Up to be LAME

I love Dragonball. I remember reading this comic as a little kid, from tiny little books that were all in Korean. I could barely understand the writing, but I still loved every frame.

Then Dragonball came to American TV. Awesome. A little boring, given the fact that each episode had at least 10 minutes of closeups of various heros/villans grunting and struggling, as if they were trying to have a massive bowel movement. But still, I was a fan.

Then I hear about a new live-action Dragonball movie that's coming out. Aweso-- OH WAIT. Not so awesome. Guess who they decided to cast as the lead character, Goku, in this Japanese manga series, based on a Chinese folk novel, that was popularized all over Asia before coming to the US? Oh of course, they cast some guy named Justin Chatwin. Of course.

Disgrasian posted a great "alternative" movie poster for this film:

This movie is going to suck.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh Hayden... You've broken my heart...

Okay. I will readily admit that I am a fan of the show Heroes. Not just because I know Masi Oka (who is a pretty great guy), but also because Hayden Panettiere is on the show.

However, Ms. Panacotta has just broken my heart. How? She put out a music video. And it blows. Some of you may recall my post about Scarlett Johamanason's awful song/video. Well, here we have another example of some girl who is a pretty good actor making a HUGE mistake by putting out a terrible, terrible song. Below is a leaked video for "Wake Up Call." Think "Red Red Wine" meets Hillary Duff meets a whole lot of suck:

NOT ONLY does the song suck, but the content of the lyrics is just atrocious:

I think I'm gonna have to cheat, to finally get your eyes on me? Gonna have to make you jealous...

WTF? Really?? This is the kind of horseshit that girls are supposed to do when their man isn't paying attention to them? Not ONLY should Hayden stick to acting, but for pete's sake, at least put out a song that doesn't encourage girls to play retarded games.

Oh, and also don't put out a song that is awful. Yeah.