Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Green Energy: It's Coming!

Most of my friends know that I'm a bit of a cynic when it comes the general public's adoption of clean, renewable sources of energy. I just don't think enough people care enough. Or, at least, I used to think that...

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of reports on really cool things people are doing to promote and use alternative sources of energy. It was enough to make me think that maybe, just maybe, we will turn this thing around. A few of the coolest innovations I've seen recently include:

The Sakai City Waterfront Mega Solar Power Generation Plan - Long name, cool project. Sharp and Kansai Electric Power's giant solar energy plant will generate a ton of clean power and reduce CO2 emissions by several bajillion kilotons. Okay, the real numbers can be found in the Sharp press release.

Orange's Green Cell Phone Charging Stations - UK cell phone provider Orange will be setting up these nifty tents at the Glastonbury Festival. Basically, they use wind and solar power to charge people's cell phones. One tent can charge about 100 cell phones per hour. Yay technology! Now I just need one for my house...

The Microfueler - "The EFuel100 MicroFueler™ is the world's first portable ethanol micro-refinery system." In other words, sugar and/or discarded booze goes in, wait about 5-7 days, and useable ethanol comes out. Sure it costs about $10,000 and it won't be available until late 2008. But look at it this way: now you have something to do with all the Larrys people leave at your parties...

Honda's FCX Clarity - The first production car to be powered by hydrogen fuel cells. That's right, we're talking ZERO emissions. Not less, not some... ZERO. 'Nuff said. If you live in Southern California, go get one.

So maybe we will be able to save the planet. Now if we only had some sort of machine that could suck up all that excess greenhouse carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere and turn it into something useful... Like food. Or oxygen... Hmmm...

Monday, June 09, 2008

I Want I Want I Want I Want I Want I Want...

...the new iPhone! I've been waiting to get one of these things for probably 3 years now, ever since the first rumors started surfacing that Apple was developing a phone. I somehow managed to resist buying iPhone v.1... But yeah... I can't wait any longer. I must have it.

The most impressive new functionalities the iThang will feature are 3G and GPS capabilities. Apple also boasts that there will be much improved audio (what that means exactly is yet to be discovered) and great battery life. Otherwise, there are a few cosmetic modifications that just add to the cool factor such as thinner edges, a headphone jack that's flush with the outside edge, a glossy black plastic backing, and solid metal buttons. Though, the new headphone jack has some practical function as well, as it will allow people to use any headphones they want without the annoying adaptors.

AND, they've lowered the price. The 8 GB model will be available for $199 and the 16 GB model will be $299. Hot. And cheap. Hot, cheap buns. I mean, phones.

There are a few catches though. For one, there is no increase in memory, which people were hoping for. However, the most crappy thing is that all us Apple fanboys and fangirls, will have to continue to mop up our saliva until July 11th, when they will finally roll out this beautiful piece of technology. Check out these shots from the Gizmodo coverage of the WWDC:

Will there be pre-orders? I don't know. And I don't care. All I know is, I must have one. I will have one.


Wednesday, June 04, 2008




Monday, June 02, 2008

Repent... Or Else!

You best get your ass to church or else Mike Crain is going to come karate chop your FACE!!

You heard it here first.


Sunday, June 01, 2008

In Case You Were Wondering Which Bus This Is...

I took this shot about a year ago when I was up at Belleayre Mountain. Apparently the driver wanted to make it ABSOLUTELY clear which bus this was.