Tuesday, July 19, 2005

In with the new, out with the old...

So... to recap the last couple of months:

- I bid farewell to my home of three years, Boston, MA and trucked all my stuff home to NJ (temporarily, as I will explain later).

- My family and I took a trip out to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and the Navajo Indian Reservation. It was our first family outing in probably 8 years! Took lots of photos.

- Had one day of rest at home before flying down to New Orleans to attend the wedding of my good friends Brad and Liz. Found out the true value of "Hand Grenades." Took a ton of great photos.

- Had one more day of rest at home before flying out to Europe with Linds. We hit Amsterdam, Geneva, Venice, Florence, Rome, Vernazza, Barcelona, Granada, Madrid and Paris! Met up with many friends (Alok, Alex, Mike, Jen, Kristen), made some new ones, and generally had a fantastic time. We ate more than our fill of mouth-watering food, took in some awe-inspiring sights, and bought some neat-o gifts. Took 1.5 gigs of photos. For more on this, for now, see our travel blog.

- Came back to NJ to rest and recover from all my travels... only to find that my hard drive had died. Luckily, this happened before I uploaded all our photos from Europe... but also happened before I backed up any of my photos from our family trip or Brad/Liz's wedding. I was not pleased.

- Ordered a new hard drive to replace the broken one... And finally made a purchase I had been waiting a whole year to make: I bought myself a shiny new 15-inch Powerbook! ...oh, and it didn't hurt that a shiny new iPod mini came with it (I love being a student).

- Ah yes, I almost forgot... Soon, I will leave home once again, but this time with most of my stuff, and move over to Brooklyn, NY, where I will spend at least the next two years while attending grad school at NYU. Rock on.

Phew... Anyhow, hopefully I'll get those Europe photos up soon. And with some luck (alright, a whole lotta luck) I might be able to resurrect some files/photos from my dearly (mostly) departed hard drive. Meanwhile, I will be relaxing, getting back into some sort of shape, playing ultimate, and maybe (just maybe) recording some music.